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Wie zijn wij?

Vanuit de Mytylschool Roosendaal en PCBS De Kroevendonk  vertrekken wij op 18 februari a.s. naar Kathmandu, Nepal, voor ondersteuning van een onderwijsproject (NMG).
Onderstaande tekst is in het Engels, zodat de medewerkers van NMG het ook kunnen lezen!


Annete Aitink (Mytylschool Roosendaal)

My name is Annette Aitink

I have been a teacher for almost 34 years now.
I have been working in the Netherlands, Belgium and Zimbabwe.
In 2001 I started as a teacher at the Mytylschool Roosendaal.
The new challenge for me was teaching disabled children.
My job now is to help/coach teachers in regular schools, about how to teach children with mainly motor problems, children with Special Educational Needs. The nice thing about my job now is that these children are being helped to go to school to the school of their own choice, near to their home, amongst their friends. To my experience teachers are very motivated to make this work!
And now I have the opportunity to go to NMG.
A new challenge, as I see it.
I am looking forward to take part in every day live at NMG.
A few lines about my education:
I was educated to be a teacher. After that I took a lot of classes, training and courses to upgrade my diploma.
For two years now, once a month I coach teachers who take studies (SEN) at Fonteys Hogeschool. The coaching is focused on the writing of their thesis at the end of their Master Sen studies.
At the moment I live in Roosendaal, a small town, but a nice one!


Ellen van Vliet-Geerts (PCBS De Kroevendonk)


My name is Ellen van Vliet-Geerts.
I’m 44 years old and mother of 2 children: Joeri (a boy, 11 years old) en Nikki (a girl, 9 years old).
I work as an administrator in education since 2004. As administrator I’m responsible for the student, personnel and financial administration.
I’ve worked at schools with 150, 250 and 500 pupils.
Since 2 years I’m working at primary school “De Kroevendonk”. Our school has 315 pupils aged 4 to 12 years. I like working here because at our school we believe that each child is special and therefore we always try to give them the best opportunities.
My hobbies are travelling, swimming and drawing.
I’m very interested in meeting people from other countries and learn about their way of life, culture and religion. That’s why I’ve been several times in Nepal, India and Thailand.
I’m looking forward to give a meaningful contribution to NMG. 


Harrie van Dijk (Mytylschool Roosendaal)

People of NMG,

My name is Harrie van Dijk and I will come to visit your country and especially your school NMG. Now first something about myself. I’m 55 years old, and married for 32 years with my wife. Together we  have 2 growing up children , a son of 19 years old and a daughter in the age of 16. I’m living in a very small village compared to the big city of Katmandu, named Rucphen. At the Mytylschool, I’m working as a technical employee and I’m taking care of all sorts of problems in and around school, either I’m coordinating the tranfering of the children from and to our school.

In the first place I have come to visit your school NMG to try to help you with maybe technical things or other things in and around the school. Either I want to see your beautiful country and taste your culture. Bimal had promised me he wants to give me a guided tour through a part of Nepal. I’m looking forward to this meeting.
I hope to see you soon,


Joyce Zijlstra (PCBS De Kroevendonk)


My name is Joyce Zijlstra, I am 25 years old and in an exciting part of my life!
This is my second year working at primary school ‘De Kroevendonk’. After my studies I started to teach here 2 days of  Kindergarten and now I am working fulltime in several classes. In our school we accept children as they are and try to give them the best education and care we can. Also our close team is a reason why I am proud of working at our school.
Besides my work as a teacher I love to spend time with students of a studentunion in the city where I live and I am very active in my church. I love to sing so if you hear someone singing, it is probably me!
I can’t wait to go to Nepal, meet new people, experience the way of living there and see how we can work together with NMG and connect!


Katinka Dekker-Wolse (PCBS De Kroevendonk)

My name is Katinka Dekker, I’m 35 years old. I’m a mother of a daughter of 4.
I’m a member of the staff at primary school “De Kroevendonk” in Roosendaal. In our school we have approximately 315 children, age 4-12 years. We believe that each child is special; therefore we always try to give them the best opportunities. I’m working at this school for 13 years now; the first 4 years as a teacher in year 3 (age 6-7). After those 4 years I’ve been a teacher in year 6 (age 9-10) for 3 years and a couple of years as a teacher in year 7 (age 10-11).  

The last couple of years I’m coordinating all the extra care we offer our students. I’m coaching our teachers in- and outside the classroom, I’m advising our principal and I maintain contact with other schools, professionals and parents. 
In my leisure time I’d like to read a book. I also conduct a choir.
I’m looking forward to our visit to Nepal!


Kees Wiericx (Mytylschool Roosendaal)


My name is Kees Wiericx and I am 53 years old. I am married with my wife Anja and together we have got two kids. The oldest, Anke Wiericx, is 19 years old and studies in Amsterdam, the youngest, Nienke Wiericx, is 16 years old.

My hobbies are watching movies, reading books and I also love it to go on vacation. I also have a motor, so I drive a lot at it. 
I work on a school for children with a restricition. We call it ‘The Mytylschool’. I am not a teacher, but I repair things, together with my colleague named Harry.

Our kids can’t get to school on their own, so I bring them to school in the morning, and in the afternoon, I bring them back to home. We have got a school bus for that.
I am very glad I have got the opportunity to help you and to visit your school.


Mien Govaarts-Bastiaenen (Mytylschool Roosendaal)


My name is Mien Govaarts-Bastiaenen,  and I am working at the Mytylschool Roosendaal, as a teaching assistant.
I am married for almost 31 years , we have 2 children and we live in a little village, called  Wouw.
I am looking forward to come to Kathmandu and meet you and the children of course, and all the other people who work at your school,  

And when we are in Nepal, we also want to have a culture tests in your beautiful country of course.
We are very glad we can visit you, because we have seen all the pictures of our  members, who  were visiting you last year and we loved it. Soon it will be 18 February, and on 19th we will be in Kathmandu.

I am looking forward to meet you all.



Vera Dekker (PCBS De Kroevendonk)


My name is Vera Dekker. I’m 28 years old. I live in Roosendaal, Holland. I’m a teacher for children in the age of 10 to 12 years old. I’m working as a teacher for 6 years now. I really like to work with children. My hobby’s are swimming, playing tennis and going out with my friends.
I really look forward to go to Nepal. I hope we can do good things and we will have a good time.


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  6. By: Yassmina on 27 February 2011 at 19:15      

    Heey juffen en meesters hebben jullie een goede reis gehad? iedereen mist jullie van de kroevendonk school jullie hebben het daar denk ik erg leuk met de kinderen ik heb de foto,s gezien ze zijn heel leuk .Groetjes Yassmina van de kroevendonk school……..

  7. By: sherin on 26 February 2011 at 20:14      

    Beste Anette,

    ik heb alle fotos van de school in Nepal gezien.
    ik vind het heel leuk, dat jullie die kinderen kunnen helpen.

    maar ik heb je wel gemist. ik doe ook mijn best op school en ik heb mijn schrijf schrift klaar.

    ik wens je heel goede reis.

    veeel groeten uit Bergen op zoom


  8. By: Raymond, Michelle en Imke on 24 February 2011 at 10:00      

    Lieve (tante) Vera en collega’s

    Vanuit Oudenbosch volgen wij wat jullie allemaal in Nepal beleven. Geniet van deze bijzondere ervaring! We missen je wel hoor tante Veertje! Tot volgende week zondag!

    Liefs Raymond en Michelle
    en een dikke knuffel van Imke

  9. By: Edith Jongmans on 23 February 2011 at 14:23      

    Beste juffen en meesters,

    ik hoop dat jullie in Nepal het leuk en gezellig hebben.
    Op de foto’s zagen we dat julie hoofd,schouder,knie en teen aan geleert hebben aan de kinderen.

    Edith Jongmans

  10. By: anita wijs govaarts on 23 February 2011 at 10:45      

    Tante Mien
    supper gaaf wat jullie doen , ik wist hier niets van ,tot ik het in de goofie krant las.
    Ik volg jullie groetjes Anita wijs govaarts

  11. By: agnes kroon on 22 February 2011 at 19:57      

    Bijzonder om jullie belevenissen te lezen. succes in het verre Nepal en sterkte bij alles wat jullie daar mogen doen.

    groetjes Agnes, Nijkerk

  12. By: jasmijn on 22 February 2011 at 17:06      

    ik denk dat de kinderen in nepal het heel leuk vinden dat jullie er zijn.en dat ze het leuk vinden, al die mooie spulletjes.groetjes: jasmijn.

  13. By: medewerkers Doorn on 21 February 2011 at 20:41      

    Hallo Luitjes…..
    even een berichtje vanuit Doorn. Wij zijn in gedachten bij jullie en vinden het leuk om op deze wijze ook iets van jullie te vernemen.

    Groetjes namens ons allen,
    Mama Janny, Tante Rijka, Eric en alle andere medewerkers.

  14. By: lauwra on 20 February 2011 at 20:58      

    Namaste, Jullie eerste dag zit erop. Vonden jullie het shocking of net zo anders fantastisch als ik het vond? Leuk en vreemd zo’n eerste dag op NMG. Hoe was het daar met iedereen? Ik ben zo benieuwd. Hebben jullie de groeten aan de B’s al gedaan. Veel suc6. Gr.lauwra

  15. By: aimee on 20 February 2011 at 19:41      

    het is vrijdag goed gegaan met juf Meri.(groep 7 dan)

    groetjes aan iedereen maar vooral juf Vera


  16. By: aimee on 20 February 2011 at 19:34      

    veel plezier! heeft u de kinderen al gezien?

  17. By: amanda on 19 February 2011 at 21:03      

    liefe juffen en hoe is het in nepel en kathmanu

  18. By: anita oliekan on 18 February 2011 at 19:46      

    Prachtige site.
    Ik wens jullie allemaal een prettige vlucht,
    en ga jullie volgen.

    Anita en herman

  19. By: marjolijn de Boer on 17 February 2011 at 14:28      

    Wat een mooie site! Ik ga jullie zeker volgen.
    Goede reis en heel veel succes met elkaar.

    groetjes van Marjolijn, Perth (Australie)

  20. By: Jolanda van Steenpaal on 17 February 2011 at 09:04      

    Vanuit Wouw wens ik jullie een zeer goede
    en leerzame reis toe.

    Jolanda van Steenpaal

  21. By: Judith Oosterbaan on 17 February 2011 at 08:46      

    Het lijkt weer een mooie reis te worden. Wens een ieder suc6 met de laatste loodjes.

    Een heel fijne tijd gewenst.
    Zal het verslag volgen op internet.

    Judith Oosterbaan, Odijk

  22. By: Jaap Dekker on 16 February 2011 at 17:16      

    We zullen jullie belevenissen in Nepal met belangstelling volgen. Voor komende vrijdag alvast een goede reis toegewenst!
    Jaap Dekker, Enschede

  23. By: Jolanda Thielen on 13 February 2011 at 23:54      

    Heel veel succes allemaal in nepal!

  24. By: peter theunis on 8 February 2011 at 21:47      

    Het ziet er mooi uit.
    Ik hoop ook mooie reisverhalen te lezen.
    Succes met de voorbereidingen!
    Peter Theunis

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